Web design

New website, new marketing possibilities

The content of the site should be taken into account and implemented from the perspectives of search engine optimization and digital marketing, as well as analytics.

Redesign an old website or build a new one?

Defining a clear idea helps us estimate the exact price of the website project. The specification includes an accurate mapping of the project as well as a roadmap and a plan for the functionalities of the site.
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Check out the steps to building a new website

1. Mapping the need to upgrade your web service

Think of your web service's main purpose: is the customer meant to be directed for shopping? Do you want more leads and contacts through the website?

Is the website being renewed or do you need a completely new site? Is the website difficult to maintain? Do you have a brand make-up in mind?


It's a good idea to express a wish for a service to be developed from a platform of your choice (e.g. WordPress or Drupal).

Features that provide content can be, for example, a blog, an event calendar, and features that improve customer service, such as a contact form, or a chat feature.

In addition, it's very important to find out whether integrations with the service are needed, i.e. sharing information with a system outside the web service.

3. Designing the web service

In the bidding phase, it's also good to go through the needs of graphic design and whether there are already guidelines for the design.

Accessibility requirements must also be taken into account. All of this affects the time required for designing and thus also the pricing.

4. Budget

A clear definition of the budget will help us make an offer according to what is possible with that amount.

In the mapping phase, it's easy to take a position on what the budget will be enough for. It's not worthwhile to start outlining a whole that is too big unless there is money to implement one.

5. Schedule

The schedule is the sum of many factors, but defining a preliminary schedule already at the mapping stage gives the service provider an important framework to act on the customer's expectations.

Often, web service upgrades take several months. It's therefore important that expectations are realistic.


In the request for quotation and in the mapping phase, it's also worth expressing the need for technical maintenance of the site and the willingness to further develop the service.

The need for the future may be, for example, setting up an online store alongside the web service. Such plans should already be mentioned in the request for quotation.


From the very beginning, it's good to outline which things are of primary importance in the project as well as the cooperation model. At this point, it's good to mention your wishes for communication, use of workshops and other possible aspects of the project. It's also good to have decision-making criteria defined.

If the idea is to tender for the production of a web service, you will recognize a successful web service tender for the fact that the offers are all comparable. All service providers have then operated within the same framework.

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