Advertising agency with 15 years of experience!

Content production and marketing for both small and large needs

Founded in 2007, Madmix is ​​a constantly evolving advertising agency. The business, which started with cost-effective and agile video productions, has grown over the years to also cover a wide range of content production, advertising and marketing.

Better brand visibility and increased demand for services

When was your company's website last updated? Do you have an excellent product or service for which you would like better visibility, but not enough time to advertise? We have solutions to these challenges. Let's put the homepage in order and shoot a video to help with sales. Let's take care of social media marketing while we're at it.

All of this is accomplished with Madmix’s insanely good media mix!

What is an insanely good media mix?

  • agile video productions and streams
  • website design, construction and optimization
  • graphic design for print and digital platforms
  • digital marketing on social media and search engines
... and a large number of other marketing and advertising services.
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Our services


• Website design • Search engine optimization • Landing pages

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Video productions

• Versatile video productions • Animations • Live streaming

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Graphic design

• Design for printed materials • Branding • Design for digital platforms

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Digital marketing

• Social media marketing • Search engine marketing

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Streaming services and video production

Ernest Lawson Autotalo Laakkonen livestriimi

Streaming with the stars!

Autotalo Laakkonen sought a solution to reach their business lease car customers at a time when it was not possible to organize live events. The challenge was how to launch the new car model as comprehensively and efficiently as possible to the right target group with an interesting message.

Madmix designed, scripted and executed the event, which was broadcast live on YouTube. Ernest Lawson got acquainted with Škoda Octavia's new car model with the viewers.

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Our cases

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